Benefits of Low Carb Lifestyle

The low carbohydrate lifestyle works on the principle of reducing the body’s intake of carbohydrates i.e. sugars and starches mainly – and eating a healthy combination of medium protein, high saturated fat (correct natural fats) and fibres, and low carbohydrates.

This lifestyle forces the body to use its own fat reserves for energy instead of relying on a continual intake of carbohydrates for energy. This has previously been known as a “ketogenic diet” due to the process of inducing ketosis.

Ketosis is a state where the body converts fat into ketones that the brain can use for fuel when glucose (carbohydrates) is in short supply.  

This is a totally natural process and there are no pills, injections or any other unnatural supplements required – the diet consists of eating sufficient amounts of the good, nutritious, wholesome real food i.e. the right foods – it is not a starvation diet (starvation diets work to lose weight but only for a while; most people gain more weight after going on a starvation diet, due to them having deprived their bodies of nutrients and proper food on a starvation diet)

This is why the low carb lifestyle is the most natural, safe, and successful lifestyle diet on the planet!

It works by allowing one’s own body to regulate its food and nutritional intake naturally – the human body is a miracle of science, and is amazing at controlling weight loss and optimum health if not continually bombarded by carbohydrates!

Oats and gluten in bread products

So why does Low Carb Factory bread products contain oats and gluten. How does that relate to a traditional LCHF diet? To start with the oats is essential in the milling process specifically in relation to the nuts and seeds that have a high oil content and can potentially turn into a butter instead of flour...

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Blood Glucose response of 3 different breads Protocol: The blood response of 3 different breads were tested on 5 individual people...
Results: Both the white and the low GI bread caused a ....

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Resistant Starch Pasta

What is resistant starch pasta: Resistant starch pasta is made using ingredients that is low in carbohydrates, a cooking and cooling process that converts traditional carbohydrates into resistant starch and portion adjustment which gives you a pasta meal with at least 75% less digestible carbohydrates than a traditional pasta meal.

Health benefits of resistant starch: Preferentially feeds good bacteria and promotes greater butyrate production than other prebiotics. Improves gut function. Reduces fasting blood sugar. Improves insulin sensitivity. Lowers blood glucose response to food. Increases satiety. Improves metabolic health.

Heating instructions

Keep products frozen if not consumed straight away (no preservatives)

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